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Awakening Sovereignty Collective

Awakening Sovereignty Collective. A Global network of Solutionaries and Changemakers.

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Do you wish to live in a world that provides for all humankind unconditionally?

I invite you to embody this intention with us. Through combining ancient indigenous wisdom with the best of modern technology, we are creating a world of wonder and abundance that serves all peoples.

We are the Awakening Sovereignty Collective - a Global Community of Solutionaries and Change-makers who are co-creating social, legal, physical, economic and digital system structures that empower all those who choose to embody this unified way of being.

Our structure allows for any number of organizations and individuals to come together as SOVEREIGN entities and share resources, tools and knowledge in a way that synergistically uplifts every member of the collaboration by multiplicatively creating and sharing value.

We build communities, facilitate cooperative businesses, fund humanitarian causes, grow gardens and food forests, engineer advanced political and environmental solutions, create then distribute high-quality media experiences, and connect people to knowledge, products and services

that empower complete freedom and enlightened states of being.

We are seeking additional ambassadors, builders, growers, programmers, writers, editors, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, legal specialists, accountants, investors, philanthropists, mentors, engineers, advanced critical thinkers, administrators, leaders, managers, shamans, spiritual guides, mechanics, alchemists, scientists, and machine operators.

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